100 Day Project

100 Day Project: Days 51-60

Last week I attended the Global Meetup for the 100 Day Project. It was such a good time! I met artists that I have been following and met new ones along the way. 

I had a big realization upon hitting Day 60. I realized I need to work in a more concentrated way. It's too easy to reach for my phone or open a new tab. I also listened to a podcast on going on an "information diet" where you really limit who you follow and what you get from the internet. I kind of try to do this anyway, but I realize I need to do it more. 

Day 51 Are there sections? Consider transitions

With 51, I painted the courtyard of a place I stayed at in Grenada, Spain last year. I love how these kinds of homes feel like they consist of different compartments. I actually originally started drawing this for the Cinequest Film Festival live painting event I did earlier this year, but changed it into something else. I'm glad I got to carry it out after all and I'm thinking I will make a really large version of this, maybe 3x4 or 4x6 feet. My favorite part is the tile with the orange and pink hues. 


Day 52 Towards the insignificant

I had the idea to paint a tiny universe for 52. We are not even a pinpoint in this universe (I made that up, maybe it is true, maybe it isn't). The Milk Way galaxy is roughly 100,000 light years in diameter and it's one of billions of galaxies in the universe. How it that for making you feel insignificant?


Day 53 Don't be afraid of cliches

Do you remember these canvas binders? I had a blue denim one that looked quite like this with all the usual blue ballpoint pen clichés. This one made me a bit nostalgic. 


Day 54 Cut a vital connection

I went to Capitola Beach and saw this woman laying in the sun on her pink towel. I loved the way she looked with her red hair falling over her arm. For the photo, I added some sand from my bag to the painting. 


Day 55 Not building a wall but making a brick

I love an A-frame. My thoughts first went to brick, but I knew I didn't want to make it literal. After running through a few ideas, I thought about how you have to shape each piece of wood to build a house. I liked the idea of conveying the same idea with a different material. I love the way this project is stretching my brain. 


Day 56 Look at the order in which you do things

At first I had thought about the way I go about making these daily paintings: pull a card, think, grab a brush or a pencil and go. I thought about other ways I could mix things up with materials. Then, it hit me to look at how many days I have missed and make abstract art about it. I was thinking it would turn out to look like a maze or something that moved fluidly around the paper. It ended up looking like Tetris. I really got into the mathematical aspect of this and sort of felt like I could just make art like this. 

Each row represents each day of this 100 day project so far. The color squares represent how many days I missed until I posted for that particular day (between one and seven). The pencil rectangles represent drawing two in one day as a desperate attempt to catch up (happened 6x). There were only 28 consistent days (though none for more than 3 days). Conclusion: I'm not good at doing things daily. 


Day 57 The inconsistency principle

I had to laugh out loud when I pulled this card! After Day 56 and realizing just how non-daily this project has been, it was kind of the perfect reinforcement that I need to get consistent with this project. I am determined to finish all 100 and I wanted to do so by the end of summer. I am thinking about doing two a day until then.

This one required more math and measuring. It actually plays with the number 11 and that number on all 4 sides since I have 44 left for this project. Again the math and also the transparent layering felt like things I want to pursue in future work. 


Day 58 Just carry on


Day 59

This was a fun one to get. There are so many things that can be faked, but I thought it would be fun to fake a style. At first I thought I would do that of a really famous artist, but decided to do the art in the style of my friend Kyle Pellet. His work can be on old gridded paper, include hilarious descriptions, date stamps, state info for meetings that never happened and more. His color palette is black and white or bright vintage video game colors. I decided to paint Dennis Richmond and Elaine Corral in my own style since I didn't want to fully copy him. It's funny because when I wrote the date, I meant to make it the actual date of the sketch night, which was 8/26/15


Day 60 Don't be frightened to display your talents

I mulled this one over for some time. I think I don't like the word talent, especially when I am thinking of myself. I decided to use one of my sister's travel photos to make this drawing. I received this Blackwing pencil set as a gift recently and thought I'd put it to use on this one. These pencils actually have a really cool history. They were discontinued after being considered the best pencil ever made. They had a cult following and in recent years they have been made again. 

This drawing made me realize I need to take more time with my art sometimes. While I have developed a quick style, I do really love sitting down and working for longer chunks of time. This piece also was successful to me because I was able sit and focus without the usual internet distractions. Got to try this again. 

What Goes On 8/28/15


Hyperallergic posted this article on Richard Diebenkorn's sketchbooks. I loved his work when I was in art school and plan on checking out his print show at the De Young Museum soon. I love the simple and raw look of his work. 



I bought the book Amphibian Love a few months ago through Leah Jay's Indiegogo campaign and it just arrived in the mail. What a great book! She did a beautiful job on the artwork and the writing on each amphibian is informative and concise. A percentage of sales go to the Save the Frogs campaign and it was printed in an environmentally friendly way on recycled paper. 



I went to the 100 Day Project meet up in SF on Thursday. What a blast meeting all these great people! It was pretty moving to see all these people who have worked so diligently together. Many of us have followed each other online so it was great to meet in person. It was also great to have Elle Luna there interacting with everyone. I want to do it all over again! 

The event took place at DIY, the headquarters for an online global creative community for kids. Kids can learn new skills and even get real patches for their efforts (just like girl and boy scouts). They were great hosts for the event and they even shared kids' 100 Day Project (including the pom-poms above). I was very impressed!



What a sweetie! My friend Elissa brought me some treasures back from South Dakota including sage, quartz and slate. It was so thoughtful for her to think of me. I will definitely put these in a special place. 



I love the podcast Death, Sex & Money. A recent one I checked out was the episode  "In New Orleans: From Raising Hell to Raising Kids." With the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Anna Sale is interviewing a handful of people that experienced it and where they are now. The individuality of these stories is captivating and I suggest you check them out. 



SoFA Sketch happened again this week. This time it was a much bigger turn out! It was great to meet new artists and see everyone working. From top left: A new group of artists working, Laura Johnston's portrait of a woman, Sean Patrick Kenney's pencil portrait, my 100 Day sketch of KNTV news reporters Dennis Richmond and Elaine Corral, an unknown artist's portrait sketches and Elissa Nesheim's beautiful landscapes and owl (with my sailboat above). I can't wait for the next one! 



I'm continuing my training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I am somehow feeling a little more comfortable with it, even if it's still really challenging. I have been going about 4-5 days a week and my brain and body feel so much better for it. I will be heading to a competition in Santa Cruz on Saturday to watch teammates compete. Maybe someday I will, but definitely not now. 



I watched the Tig Notaro documentary, Tig, and was pretty blown away by all the things she has been through. I knew a bit of this comedian's story, but hearing it all in her own words was quite heavy. The second part of the documentary almost felt too personal, like reality TV, but I think a lot of her life has been an open book so she just kept going I guess. Definitely worth a watch. 

100 Day Project: Days 41-50

YES! The halfway point! This project has taught me so much. Now that I have been really sticking to it, I see changes in my work and have ideas for new paintings and other creative projects because of it. 

I am actually quite thrilled with this group of ten. The next 50 should be a breeze, right?!

Day 41 Do something boring

My sister bought me these gorgeous color pencils in Italy a couple of years ago. I finally used them to make #41. I figured a yellow #2 pencil is pretty damn boring and thought of the work by John Baldessari. This is inspired by two different pieces of his. I think it's really great that he had his students write "I will not make any more boring art" again and again. What a great exercise! Makes me think of Bart Simpson at the chalkboard. 

With this piece, I layered color pencil and used the yellow #2 pencil to draw the tip. When I wrote the phrase below, I messed up on the word 'boring' and tried to erase it but my stupid eraser messed it up more. I was frustrated because I wanted it pristine, but then realized I could just run my finger over the whole phrase and blur the graphite. I am loving how with the 100 Day Project I am making mistakes work for me! 

Day 42 Courage!

For this one, I had thought about making an abstract painting since I don't really work that way. I thought about someone on a tightrope or something like that. In the end, I stuck with a classic. I love painting boats. We would often go to harbors when i was a kid and just admire them. My parents were great in that sense. We didn't have to spend tons of money to explore and have fun. I took sailing lessons last year in Redwood City and just loved it. I hope to get back on a boat soon. This painting also felt inspired by people I know who are going through a rough time right now. 

Day 43 Gardening, not architecture

Initially, I pictured painting an apartment building covered in or being taken over by plants (a similar building to Day 3's Tidy up) but remembered this photo I shot of a house in San Jose. These particular plants aren't in front of this house in real life, so this is a mash-up. I wanted the plants to be taking over the house, but I'm not sure I accomplished that. The cacti at the lower left are surrounding the stairs though. I feel like it turned out 'pretty' instead.

Day 44 Once the search is in progress, something will be found

I had actually sketched the skyline and land the evening before when my friend and I were seated at a picnic table overlook. As I worked, a streak of paint accidentally went through the sky. I turned this into a contrail and painted the sunset. All day I wanted to add something to the middle or sitting on the land. Something like a portral. I decided to stop and let it be done. Funny enough, the card the next day spawned a sort of portal-feel...

Day 45 Use filters

I wanted to work with the idea from the day before and create a circle filter over the landscape. I am super happy with how this turned out. It reminded me of the work of Oliver Adams somehow. 

Day 46 Do we need holes?

I brainstormed about plot holes, I played with a hole punch and settled on this: the Sooke Potholes on Vancouver Island, BC. It was one of my favorite ever places to swim. The river has these pools or potholes throughout. 

Day 47 Do the words need changing?

WhIf you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may know that I spilled Sumi ink all over myself after I stubbed my toe on my coffee table on Monday. Funny enough, this was the idea I had before said incident. I felt like I was right on track with things after having a super productive working weekend. Still, I felt this way after I cleaned up the black ink mess. 

Day 48 Which frame would make this look right?

I got some window frames from a contractor friend. I will be using these for several upcoming projects. The idea here is that the small watercolor needs a picture frame, rather than these large window frames. 

Day 49 Make a sudden, destructive unpredictable action; incorporate

This was an interesting one. I originally intended to make a really beautiful painting and rip it to pieces, but that felt premeditated. I sat at the table at Makeshift Society before my Publishing for Creatives class and brainstormed. I started thinking of fires, explosions and those kinds of destructive things. I was going to paint something on fire with billows of smoke when I looked up at the donut piñata and thought "Oh! I could have it bust open!" So, here it is. I kind of love that it was so spontaneous.

Day 50 Remember  .those quiet evenings

Once in a blue moon. This month, there are two full moons. The first was July 2nd and now tonight. The moon won't be blue in color, but it is a nice occasion that we get two full ones in a month. 

And that's 50! 

100 Day Project: Days 31-40

Day 31 Do nothing for as long as possible

With the 4th of July weekend, it seemed perfectly appropriate to get this card. I pictured a girl laying back on a blanket under a tree so I drew just that. I will admit this was my second attempt since I couldn't erase pencil from her face on the previous one. I like how the leaves depict a slight and relaxing breeze in the air. 

Day 32 Would anybody want it?

I loved the way the aloe in the middle turned out, but felt like I rushed the rest. Still someone cool wanted this one, so they get it. 

Day 33 Emphasize the flaws

Her hair is untangled and her brows are unkempt. I actually sewed it with the intention of using the other side, but the back looked less perfect. This was inspired by the Girls Don't Like Spiders podcast episode of That's Deep Bro with Christina Pazsitzky. Women are expected to be so perfect these days and so many are going along with it. 

Day 34 You are an engineer

With this card, I wanted to create a 3D paper object, but the two things I tried failed miserably. I ended up just painting Lick Observatory at Mount Hamilton. I was quite thrilled when Lick Observatory themselves commented on my Instagram photo.

Day 35 Be dirty

This one felt too easy. I was going to draw a bunch of dirty things: martini, movie, socks, etc. and allow the viewer to interpret that. Somehow it felt a little too easy or literal. It was almost like I knew it would be a "successful" piece and thought I should push myself to do something different. I decided to put a lady and a plant in the dirt. It ended up looking like they were in bed together. Do you see that? As if the sky is the pillow and the dirt the blanket or comforter. I purposely wanted the woman to look Tahitian, sort of thinking of Paul Gaugin's paintings.

Day 36 Reverse

I have been dying to make an animation from my art. It's been on the list for well, at least since Instagram implemented video. When I pulled the 'reverse' card, a car immediately came to mind. At first I was going to just draw a car going backwards, but soon thought of animating it. I chose a Ford LTD since we had a wagon when I was a kid (not this one, but a brown one). I also loved the Vacation movies growing up, so wagons are a vehicle occasionally seen in my work. 

Day 37 Faced with a choice do both

I see the influence from Day 34 here, especially the hillside. I also see this becoming a bigger painting on wood panel. There are recurring themes with this project and I am taking note on what I am drawn to. I like how this one turned out because it isn't necessarily literal or obvious to the card. It stands on its own. The exciting thing about this one is that I finally bought some Holbein Acryla Gouache and got to test it out. 

Day 38 Work at a different speed

I thought I'd hurry up a bit and get a few of these done in one day. Speeding up the record player RPM to 45 seemed like a good idea. I used Acryla Gouache again. At first I was going to make a highly detailed background, but decided to go with this once I lay the colors down. I am trying to push myself to do things differently than I normally would. At the same time, I formerly painted record players (about 8-10 years ago) and this felt like I was revisiting a past theme. 

Day 39 Give the game away

Whether isiting art museums, art openings, blogs or art & craft fairs, I am still surprised by how homogenous the artists and supporters are. I want to do something to change this. It's my dream to start a non-profit down the line that supports artists of a variety of ethnicities and race financially. I also want to make sure I'm not afraid for my art to say something. I had some apprehension before posting this one, but ended up receiving great positive feedback. This piece finishes the following conversation:

"Pssst...the art world feels homogenous."


Day 40 Destroy - nothing - the most important thing

his piece means a lot to me. As an artist who relies on multiple streams of income, I do rely on multiples with prints, both digital and hand printed. When I block print, I usually make as many as will sell. For this piece, I decided I would make one and then destroy the block. Last week's What Goes On blog post included a playlist with the song Big White Cloud by John Cale. I am pretty obsessed with that song and wanted to make a big white cloud in this artwork. I used copper printing ink and loved how it looked on its own but felt like it needed something special. I decided to hand paint over the print. When I tried this it looked terrible at first! I wiped away and added paint until I felt satisfied with it like this. I am quite happy with the purple and copper feel. I am actually pretty excited to make a series of these for a future show. 

Alright, getting near the halfway point. So excited about where this project is taking me! Thanks so much for all of your support. I'm blown away by your comments and interest in this project!

100 Day Project: Days 21-30

As I slowly creep into being 30% done with my 100 Day Project, I feel a mixture of disappointment and excitement. I feel like I have had the best time on this project...but only when it feels somewhat successful. It's really hard to let go of the perfection and be consistent. I have lots of creative ideas in general, but when it comes to using these Oblique Strategy cards as prompts, I can get stumped or I have the desire to "outdo" myself on previous days. 

I have been quite busy with commissions and design projects, but right now I am between commissions, so I really do feel like it is time to be consistent on this. 

This week, I felt a transformation with the Day 24 and 25. First off, that meant that I was 25% of the way through! The other thing with Days 24 and 25 is that I was stretching some of my technique. It wasn't like I was doing things I hadn't done before, but the transparency and layering was happening much more. With the black hole painting, I woke up, had coffee and worked on it for several hours. That's the ideal way I want this project to go. 

I think this daily project is starting to inspire bigger works. I began this project for pure fun, so it's really interesting to me that I am starting to see some direction. I want to make a return to treehouses, houseboats and mysterious places. I am noticing this group's theme seems to be nature. 

Day 21 Don't be afraid of things because they're easy to do

I painted these ice cubes in 95 degree weather, after working out and riding my bike to and from the place I worked out at. Nope, not too easy. 

Day 22 Where's the edge? Where does the frame start?

With this piece, I wanted the white of the paper to match the white of the internet so that it felt like it was really floating whether on Instagram or this blog. It ended up being a little gray since I didn't go in and Photoshop it. 

Day 23 Abandon normal instruments

Immediately when I pulled this card I knew I would head to the backyard for some natural instruments. I used aloe and red geranium to make this leaf drawing. My tool was the stick which I dipped in water and stabbed through the geranium petals (the purple color). With the aloe, I just smoothed it onto the paper and smeared with my fingertip as needed (the yellow color). I was surprised by the color outcome. 

Day 24 Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them

Ah, it's ones like this that make me feel like I need to do a 180. Thoughts like, "Should I not use watercolor? Should I make something big? Should I use different colors? Should it not even be a drawing or painting?" pop up and make me really think. In the end, I thought that I often paint the moon and use a lot of blues, so this one is all warms and black with a sun. One of my favorite parts is that you can see the sun rays through the mountain, since they were painted first. 

Day 25 Use an old idea

I looked at my shelf of art papers and remembered I had this gridded green paper that we always had around the house when I was a kid. My dad worked at NASA, so engineering books, engineering paper and those green plastic drafting rulers. I think I was inspired by the previous day's sky theme with the sun. 

Day 26 Who should be doing this job? How would they do it?

I had a vision of this scene right when my eyes closed for sleep. I thought I would paint it and thought that Foster Huntington would be the right person for this job. A few years ago, I painted treehouses and I always meant to keep going with that series. I think it's time to get back to it as I am planning on working on some larger paintings this summer. 

One interesting thing is the next day I was watching Particle Fever, a documentary on the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and remembered it has the same hexagonal shape. Everything is connected!

Day 27 Define an area as 'safe' and use it as an anchor

I had a few different ideas for this one, but nothing stuck until I decided to take our house, which feels safe, and put in near Anchor Island (in Maori Puke Nui), New Zealand. It looked fairly bland at first and needed more layers in the sky and contrast in the water. It still looks a little saccharine for me, but sometimes you need to just call it done. This is probably why I am drawn to painting the night sky. It's dark and more emotional than a day sky, at least the way I paint them. I've made houseboat paintings, before, but this one gives me the idea to create a larger one. 

Day 28 Water

This scene above is from the backpacking trip I did over the weekend. It was refreshing to see these ponds in the landscape, even if they were few and far between. The looked like oases in the middle of the dry grass. 

Day 29 Allow an easement (an easement is the abandonment of a stricture)

This one came with the following note:

This Bay Area basement apartment is 150 sq. ft., haunted and smells like rotten oranges. Only $4,999 a month. Serious inquiries only. 

This is a response, of course, to the insane housing prices in the area right now. I know a lot of people who have to live back home with their parents or have roommates because they can't afford an apartment or house here. Have a pet? Forget it. It's even harder unless you make $100,000+++++ a year. 

Day 30 Which elements can be grouped?

Of course #30 is inspired by the backpacking trip I did over the weekend. I drew up my supplies and with the exception of toilet paper, clothes and food, I got just about everything I brought with me. 

Only 70 more to go!