Custom Portrait Form

This form will help us work efficiently together to ensure I have as much information as possible for initial sketches. Be sure to read through the Custom Portrait Instructions for more detailed information and how to get your photographs to me. You can be as detailed as you want or provide one word answers if you feel that is all the information that is needed (i.e. Fur: brown). It is best that you send me photos before you fill out this form so you can refer to them in this form as needed. If you are ordering a single portrait, ignore the 'Portrait 2' fields.

Name *
Please write 'Custom Portrait' as your subject.
My signature color is a soft blue aqua background because it works with many hair colors and skin tones. I have also accommodated requests for light green, burgundy and yellow ochre backgrounds. Please let me know if you prefer a different color.
Eye Color - Portrait 1 *
Eye Color - Portrait 2
If you would like a piece of jewelry or other personal detail added to the painting, dimples, freckles, let me know here.
I can write a short quote or date on the back of the wood plaques. I also usually include each person's first name here and my signature.
Optional: send me your Instagram handle as an easy way for me to refer to more photos. Customers love doing this.