31 Days to Spain - Week Two Wrap Up

Well, this week had a couple hiccups in the daily art project. That's okay though, since I don't like following rules anyway. I've been swamped with work between projects and preparing for the trip. I am trying to make 2015 awesome and fresh so I am cleaning out the house and studio as well. I put waaay too much on my plate, but that's how it goes sometimes. 

October 8th - Moonrise

In my last blog post, I spent the day with a lovely friend in SF. We watched the moonrise. I actually painted this on the 9th, so it was the start of getting off schedule with this project. 

October 9th - Fern Block Printed Tote Bag 

I got started with this fern print Friday morning with the help of Oscar, my sweet coworker (his paw seen here). I had been mulling over making these for awhile since I've had the bags for a screen printing project. A fundraiser for a friend was the catalyst for getting them going. I made 10 block printed bags total.

October 10th - Bags on the wall

Here are some of the 10 bags I made for a fundraiser for a friend battling cancer. They are printed on organic cotton totes. I hope to have screen printed versions in the new year with new designs. I love our neighbor's garage wall. The peeling paint and varying color make a great backdrop for photo shoots. 

October 11th - Sketches from a post on a weekend in Bolinas

Here are a few sketches from a day spent in Bolinas. My next blog post will be about my awesome weekend in Bolinas and Cazadero. Keep your eyes peeled for that one. We saw a fox on a hillside on the side of the road, an amazing art show in an A-frame room on a farm and of course, the bay and hills. 


October 12th - A-Frame in Cazadero Sonoma County

Another sketch from the Bolinas and Cazadero weekend. I saw this mid-century modern decorated home during an open house. It was on a nice sized property. Again, the next blog post will be covering this amazing weekend.

October 13th - Plant Art 

I call this my meandering plant project. The pieces are for a small works art show in SF. I really liked the simplicity of the plants and the white background, but I figured it needed something else. 

October 14th - More Plant Art

I painted another plant sketch for a small works art show in SF. More leafy greens here! 

I'm having so much fun with this project so far! However, I am noticing my perfectionism creeping in. Each day, it should be whatever it is, yet I am trying to create clear outcomes. It's a work in progress. Literally.