What Goes On 7/24/15


Jeremiah Harada's art show at Chromatic Coffee blew my mind. I have known Jeremiah for some years now and this was my favorite show of his yet. His colors, line and humor are so relatable. Kicking myself for not getting to the opening since the show is 99% sold out. Good job Jeremiah!



I camped in the Armstrong Redwoods with my friend Kelli. So needed and more on this later.



I returned to Yeganeh Bakery and Cafe on Sunday after trying it last Monday. Again, it did not disappoint. I painted our meal of a spinach/ feta/ sausage omelette, eggplant and the Persian plate of cream, honey and jam, all eaten with the sangak bread. We also had the lavender lattes. I really love this place!



An image from the Daily Overview

An image from the Daily Overview

On Instagram, I love following Daily Overview. The abstracted images capture the manmade structures and topography of our world. There's something about an overhead perspective that well, changes your perspective.



First fig!

First fig!

Our first fig is ripe! We split it right after I took this picture. We are good about eating a lot of them and giving some out to friends, but this year we are going to be really diligent about making jam and drying the ones we can't quite eat. If you look away for a couple days, they end up on the ground for the ants (or squirrels or rats or raccoons) so I am determined to get every last one!



Vincent Seritella

Vincent Seritella

Art For Your Ears is one of my favorite podcasts. Danielle Krysa's (The Jealous Curator) interview with Vincent Serritella really resonated with me since the artist is doing a 365 project and giving all the art away. While I think that is awesome, I am not giving away my 100 Day Project, but offering them in batches of 20 for $20 each. This fun price point feels so freeing! It let's go of any ego around pricing, allows people to be a part of this special project and for them to purchase art for a low price. While I don't necessarily condone art always being this cheap, it has been super fun! His work reminds me a little of James Rosenquist, an artist I was influenced by in art school when I painted large oils. Vincent's interview proves time and again, that you can teach yourself just about anything and be whatever you want if you are determined. Good stuff.



I just watched another episode of Chef's Table. This one looked at Ben Shewry, a New Zealand chef with a restaurant called Attica in Australia. I can't tell you much every artist working in every media should watch this. I think it's somewhere around halfway or 3/4 of the way through he talks about being true to yourself and how hard it is for those you love around you. Also, his near death experience made such a beautiful impact on his life. 

Until next week...