What Goes On 7/31/15

This week I have been feeling GREAT about getting more involved locally. There are lots of new things popping up and this post is chockfull of what's been going on. As we hit the end of July, I am really happy with how this month has ended. 

After camping last week, my working weekend and this week were incredibly productive and full of ideas. This week ended up being the start of many new things.

Here's what I've been...



I'm trying to remember how I discovered Jennifer Ament, but it was definitely her block prints that caught my eye first. I loved her subject matter and style. Her prints are mostly done in black ink, keeping it simple, straightforward and bold. In the last couple of years, she has been making watercolors and encaustic paintings that are really gorgeous. I believe she started working with encaustic in 2013 and I just love the jump from the more literal into the abstract. Her paintings are reminiscent of skies and landscapes, but very subtly. Jennifer has been featured on Serena and Lily, Sunset Magazine and Coco + Kelley. This Seattle-based artist makes has a couple different bodies of work, but both are so stunning that it all works. Be sure to click on the images above to get a closer look. 



The Publishing for Creatives group. Photo by  Bridget Watson Payne

The Publishing for Creatives group. Photo by Bridget Watson Payne

Our book covers (unfortunately in bad lighting)

Our book covers (unfortunately in bad lighting)

It's so important to keep learning new things. I now have two book ideas so I enrolled in a workshop in SF with the art book editor Bridget Watson Payne from Chronicle Books. I've decided which book to start with and I was working on my proposal last weekend. It is perfect timing that this class happened this week. Bridget had us do a few exercises that were super helpful. We even made book covers for our book ideas. I love taking classes at Makeshift. In the past, I have taken classes with Lisa Congdon and Dana Haim and walked away knowing way more than I did before. 



In honor of tonight's blue moon, I made a Moon Gazing playlist (you can also listen on YouTube). I love Billie Holiday's version of Blue Moon. I had to include it here. I also found a list of moon songs on NASA's website if you want to hear more lunar songs. I'm really happy with this playlist. It's nice and mellow, perfect for moon gazing. 



I am getting started on sketches and ideas for new work at The Arsenal in San Jose in February 2016. I really want to transform this space with an installation and paintings. 



I am so excited to announce that my friends Laura of Le Animale, Rossella from RossLab and I will be running a pop-up shop in the area in late September. We will have our own storefront for a weekend. The pic above is from when we first checked out the space. We are going to make it look so pretty! Check out the tag #theMintPopUp on Instagram to see our works in progress and preparation for the event. 

Writing up our plans for the September pop-up

Writing up our plans for the September pop-up



Aside from the 100 Day Project, I've put together a SoFA Sketch night. I invited artist friends from around the area to meet up at this space to sketch or work on a current project. I'm super excited to see how this will go!

Clockwise from top left:  Elissa Neisheim , Lucia LeBlanc, Anabella Piñon,  Laura Johnston , Tracie Elliott and Joanna Chacón 

Clockwise from top left: Elissa Neisheim, Lucia LeBlanc, Anabella Piñon, Laura Johnston, Tracie Elliott and Joanna Chacón 

I can't wait to do this again. I am trying to decide how frequently to do it. Maybe bi-monthly in August and once a month after that? 


I'll be teaching a plant painting workshop in Japantown! I am really excited for this. We will be working in the backyard of Petite Galleria. More details to come on this soon!  



I'm literally obsessed with Human Planet on Netflix. It is the most beautifully shot and mesmerizing show from BBC. I have been watching it while I work and it has been incredibly inspiring. I am quite sure the influence of this show will be seen in some upcoming artwork.