What Goes On 10/23/2015


I know I shared this picture in the last post, but I am just so excited about the new studio! Who says artists have to be cluttered and disorganized?? The room hit rock bottom recently and it needed a redo. I am so happy sitting at this desk writing this post.



I stopped at the Muji store downtown and bought these gel pens. They are AWESOME! I love how fluid they write and they come in a pack of six. I used the Muji pen for the sketch on the right in my new Cottonwood Arts sketchbook. I LOVE this sketchbook too. The paper is the perfect thickness. 


Persimmons! Oh, how I love you. I have been eating 1-2 a day since we went to the farmer's market. As usual, I will eat as many as I can.



I went to a lecture by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku at the Flint Center. He is a futurist with many interesting ideas about what's to come. I felt so lucky to be able to attend this event. In the last couple of years, I have been able to see Bill Nye, Max Tegmark and now Michio speak. My brain feels full.

I found this podcast interviewing Erin Gleeson, who authored my favorite cookbook Forest Feast. She talks about her path to making the book, which is really inspiring since I am currently in the works to write and illustrate several books.

Anna Sale hosts one of my favorite podcasts, Death, Sex and Money, always touting that these are subjects no one wants to talk about. In this episode, titled The Sex Worker Next Door, Anna interviews a woman in the field anonymously. The result is human and eye-opening. 

One of my favorite podcasts is Art for Your Ear by The Jealous Curator. This weekend she interviewed Kate Bingaman-Burt. The episode is titled "Make Piles of Crap" and I could not agree more! That's something I have been doing lately. Just drawing a lot and not really thinking of the end result. I've heard interviews with Kate before and she is always fun to hear. 



This list is well worth the read. I keep hearing about Stoicism and it's relevance these days. These guidelines are for creatives to keep calm in chaos. 

Sea Wolves! Yes, Sea Wolves. I had no idea these gorgeous creatures. If you are interested in seeing them in action, watch this sea wolf video



I saw these birds on a recent overcast day above the Los Gatos Creek Trail. I love how many there were. What were they meeting about?


SoFA Sketching

Last month's SoFA Sketch was my favorite one yet. I feel like it's finding its groove. I look forward to the next one on October 28th 7-9pm. I'm sure many will be working on their Inktober sketches. I will be making and posting the new flyer this weekend.



Check out this cool video of the awesome artist duo Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock. I have always loved the idea of two artists working together like this. 

Have a great weekend!