Weekend 8/5/2016


I'm finishing up work for a show that opens next week called Pairs. It's a group show that features artist couples at Empire Seven Studios. I can't wait to see what everyone puts together for this show. It opens next Friday, August 12 6-10pm. 

A recent painting of mine, Ascension, will be on display at Anne & Mark's Art Party since Empire Seven Studios will be curating a massive area of space within the event and my piece will be in that area. I really look forward to checking it out this year. I remember when they used to host at their lovely house. I love that it has grown so much. They are some of the best supporters of art in the area so be sure to check it out. The gala opening is September 24 and events run through October 1st. 



Tara  working on her motorcycle camping painting

Tara working on her motorcycle camping painting

Last week's SoFA Sketch was great. It was a hot night and we all just chose to paint whatever we wanted. Tara chose this motorcycle. She nailed it with all the camp gear on the back. The next one will be Wednesday August 24th.

And my sketch from the night. I had to finish it the next day. I'm always working toward simplifying and including only what is necessary. 

This is a sketch for a new painting for a show. I often like to move between reality and imaginary places of escape, solitude or strangeness. I am doing a lot of playing around in the studio this last week. I am not posting everything I make. I think that can defeat the purpose of making. I've been feeling fatigued by social media, both consuming it and just being bored of it in general. It can be so overly presented so I am having fun with posting whatever suits me or not posting at all. 



There's a really neat thing happening in San Jose right now. There's a giant white swing set in Cesar Chavez Park that plays music as you swing. There are four different colored swings each representing a guitar, harp, vibraphone or piano. The more in synch you swing, the more complex the music gets. It's super cool and up until October 2. 



I just finished watching Stranger Things. When you grew up loving John Carpenter, Italian horror, E.T.. when you saw Poltergeist when you were 5 (thanks dad), Spielberg in general, read Firestarter as a teenager, watched Star Wars, Stand By Me, D.A.R.Y.L, Flight of the Navigator or Goonies. All those movies where kids get into paranormal or imaginative mischief. If you liked Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, the Clash, Television, this show brings to mind all those nostalgic memories from that time. The show captures a lot of the feelings of my youth and nails the era. Ah, the era before selfies :)

This week I watched Tacos and Punk: Discussing What Women of Color Face in the Local Scene. It gives some great insight on being a woman of color in the punk scene. I continue to find music and visual arts dominated by the same demographic. The same goes for the handmade world, bloggers, etc. It's hard to believe that not much has changed, but videos like these prove that maybe they are.

Chef's Table. I said it once and I'll say it again, Chef's Table blows my mind. It is such a great show about people who have found their purpose in life as it relates to food. These chefs often travel the world and lead carefree lives, while now running some of the best restaurants in the world. It's an absolutely stunning show. A ceramicist friend in San Jose, Rosella of RossLab, had her gorgeous bowls featured in the show (pictured above) and in the opening credits of each episode of this season. I really want to get a set myself. You can purchase them here