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What Goes On - This Week's Roundup


I've been painting plants this week and will have these 5 5x5 paintings at the Oakland Museum of California tonight from 5-9pm. I've had the best time testing out new textures and I see this going in a good direction for me. I'm looking forward to creating larger works with similar textures. 


A gorgeous photo by  Shona Sanzgiri

A gorgeous photo by Shona Sanzgiri

My friend Shona is an amazing photographer. He went to Cuba recently and shot the most jaw-dropping photos. I love the feel of his photograhy. Somehow they are both nostalgic and modern, with a great eye for color and composition. See this Paris Review article for his photos and perspective on the trip. 


First goofy page of my new sketchbook.

First goofy page of my new sketchbook.

I ordered a Crescent RENDR sketchbook and received it on Wednesday. It's supposed to have "no show thru paper". The notebook is much thinner than I thought it would be since I thought it would be hardbound, so it won't be as easy to sketch when not at a table. It's acid-free and made in the USA, so I was excited to test it out. It gives watercolor a texture, which looks cool, but not always what I am looking for. I look forward to testing Sumi ink and pens on it. 


I ate at Konjoe Tei. I tried their chilled noodle bowl and it was killer. Actually, I ate this dish twice this week. I am so happy to see SoFA Market and South First Street evolve. 


This week, I don't have a playlist for you (sorry, I'll be returning to that next week!). Meanwhile, if you didn't hear last week's, you can check it out here. Also, for some reason Devendra Banhart's album Mala has been grabbing me much of this year. 


As I mentioned, I'll be at the Oakland Museum of California tonight. Before I get to the museum, I'll be visiting the new second location for Collector Art Shop in Jack London Square. I worked with this gallery shop earlier this year in Berkeley and I just love this place and the owners.  

Next week's What Goes On will be filled with art adventures so be sure to check back then!