Suhita Shirodkar

What Goes On 12/4/15


I bought this awesome notebook from Subtle Acts on Etsy. Erica makes great block prints and I have been admiring her work for a long time. This one really spoke to me. Also, it's even prettier in person with shiny gold ink on navy. 



I have my first jiu jitsu competition tomorrow. I will also be competing in a jiu jitsu tournament in January. This means some heavy duty training until then. Since I will also have an art show in early February, I am sensing some heavy duty discipline in the next few months. 



I will have these works available at the Hark show at Kaleid Gallery. The show opens tonight, Friday December 4th and will be up until January 16th. 


I love Sheer Mag. They are the perfect 70's, punk and rock n' roll blend. They make me nostalgic for music that I used to listen to. 

I also listened to The Pop Group this week. It had been a few years since I listened to this album all the way through and I think it's such a gem. Being a post-punk band, they are of course catchy and dissonant at the same time. 


Lately, I've not been able to pick up on book I'm currently reading. Instead I've been reading articles about evil people in the world and trying to even remotely understand their actions. Incomprehensible and depressing. 


The sunset from a couple nights ago was (obviously) beautiful. 


SoFA Sketch

Just an early reminder, Wednesday, December 16th will be the next SoFA Sketch. I thought I'd share one SoFA Sketch artist, Suhita Shirodkar, is featured in the new Archisketcher book by Simone Ridyard. So awesome!



The new season of Fargo is awesome. I love the music, tone, acting, feel and just everything about it. If you like good film or art, you must watch it. It's captivating, funny and dark all at once.

The new Aziz Ansari show, Master of None, is SO GOOD. I find it sweet and funny, but it is also so refreshing to see a diverse cast. So much of TV is caucasian and I don't think the general public always notices this. A big bonus that the soundtrack includes Yo La Tengo, The Slits, X-Ray Spex, Arthur Russell, Brian Eno, Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin, The Cure, Depeche Mode and more. 

I'm sometimes mixed on South Park because they can take it too far for my taste, but I have to admit their geniuses at making fun of everything. The recent episodes focusing on gentrification with a new Whole Foods and living/shopping/eating development, SoDoSoPa, are so accurate and relevant. The idea that they built the development around "historic Kenny's house" reminds me of what they have done in San Jose by building San Pedro Square Market around the historic adobe. See this quick video to see the gist of it.




I wove this tapestry earlier this week. It was so fun to make and I anticipate making more. I made the loom from stuff I found around amongst my supplies. Whenever I sew, hammer or make with my hands, I experience such a deep satisfaction. It reminds me that I need to do more than just paint. 

Though I have been really busy lately, this weaving reminded me to slow down and do things for myself too.