anno domini

Jeremiah Maddock at Anno Domini

Jeremiah Maddock is one of my favorite artists that has shown multiple times at Anno Domini. I have to say I love finding artists who don't have websites. Contrary to the modern popular belief that you have to put yourself out there, I find it to be so pure (or lucky?!). If you want to find out more about him, check out Anno Domini's site or this interview on Beautiful Decay. Jeremiah Maddock's show We's Gonna be Fine was spectacular. His intricate line work and details are amazing. Surreal and symbolic, you can fall into his work and find more information the longer you look. The images I have included here are just an example of his work. He also focuses on figures, but my phone was too full to take more photos:) Here are a few images from the show. 

Jeremiah Maddock 4.jpg
Jeremiah Maddock 2.jpg
Jeremiah Maddock 1.jpg
Jeremiah Maddock 3.jpg