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31 Days to Spain - Week One

Agh! I can't believe it. Today is October 1st and that means 5 weeks or, a one month countdown to my departure date for Spain. I decided that I would post more frequently during this time as I get ready for it for two reasons. One, I decided that I would make a new piece of art and post it everyday until I leave (31 pieces of art!). Two, I will post a weekly checklist to prepare for the residency, since if I publish this list publicly, maybe I will be more organized and actually follow it! 

The daily art will be posted on Instagram, Facebook and then I will post the week's images collectively in weekly blog posts. The art might be related to what I am working on at the residency, a sketch, a completed painting, etc. The hashtag I'll be using is #31daystoSpain on Instagram and Facebook. The blog posts will happen every Wednesday until I leave.

And heeere it goes!

First off, I am starting to think about supplies. Originally, I applied to the residency with my project being a 3D Sumi ink paper project. Initially, I thought that I would just bring white paper and Sumi ink. I soon realized that I would likely be wishing I had color, so I decided to bring watercolor and gouache paints. I am not going to be using oils or acrylic since I don't want to even think about dealing with the wood I would be painting on. Too heavy! The residency where I will be also includes the following:

Projector, screen, printer-scanner, two monitors (small and large), DVD player, stationery equipment (craft knives, self-healing cutting mat, staplers, rulers, felt tip pens etc.), jigsaw, drill, Dremmel multi-tool, tool set (hammers, screwdrivers, hacksaws etc.), extension cables, electric stapler, two portable halogen lamps (500 watts), airbrush compressor, potter’s wheel, option of firing small ceramic pieces (the kiln is located off site), plastic buckets and utensils, glue gun, two easels, whiteboard.

After reviewing this list again, I realized how exciting it would be for me to work on ceramics while I am out there! OK, onto the list.

This week's checklist:

  • Supplies to buy
    • Sumi ink - purchase new large bottle of Sumi ink
    • paper - research what kind of paper (Bristol, watercolor, etc.) will be needed
    • gouache paint - price and order Holbein Acryla Gouache
    • watercolor - assess what I am running out of and order
    • brushes - order a few extras
    • Bamboo pens - order a variety of sizes
    • pencils - order a variety of styles
    • palettes

I'm happy to have found a great art supply shop called Piccolita in Cádiz. I'm sure I will forget something or I will be inspired to try something new while I'm there, so it's great to know there's an awesome shop there!