clearing clutter

Spring Cleaning Cliche

Some cliches exist for a reason and I definitely think spring cleaning is one of them. Every year, I dedicate some time to minimizing and cleaning up after myself. It's weird though, I never consciously think of it as spring cleaning, but a few months into the new year and right before taxes are due I always seem to purge myself of junk I don't need.

The before!

The before!

I don't know what it is, but I can be so nostalgic about things. For example, I just found an article on Bill Callahan from 1999. Why? Yes, it is nice to look at these things and remember a time. Yes, it is nice to have every art supply known to man, but do I use all of it? No. Do I need to save art materials for a future date? No!

As I get ready for some new things in the coming months, I am so happy that I will have yet again less stuff. I used to think having endless art supplies and keeping random stuff around was necessary, but no way. I'm over that now. I can't wait to show you when I'm done in a few weeks! After taxes, of course:)